Monday, May 10, 2010

Pella, Iowa

Every year, the town of Pella, Iowa has a tulip festival. Their founders were obviously Dutch, so they have a lot of shops and pastries and traditions that the Dutch have. It's also where Pella Windows are made. There were so many people here we could hardly move, but it was fun to be a small part of it anyway. This doesn't begin to picture the tulips, but I couldn't get anywhere to get some great pictures, so here are the tulips as you pull into the town.
They have a huge parade. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay because we had responsibilities in Nauvoo, but you can see how elaborate the floats are. I have other pictures, but I'll just include one.

What's the German doing in the middle of Holland? This windmill was brought in from Holland and is placed over a historic village. I guess I'll have to go back over when it's not crowded because it looked to have a great history attached to it.

As we were walking into town, we saw these dolls in a window and someone told me they depict mose of the traditional costumes of the Dutch. If that's not right, then I guess I should check my sources in the future.

This is on top of the local bank. The blades were actually turning and somehow my camera was able to capture it without the glare. The welcome center is also a windmill.


Bressler Bunch said...

Oooo! Tulips are my FAVORITE. Probably because when they start blooming then I know winter is on it's way out. There are tulips all over my yard.

Mr C said...

Those were BEAUTIFUL pictures. That would have been a sight to see. They haven't caught on to tulips here in Mongolia. I keep thinking I should have someone send over some bulbs. Maybe they would be scared to come out when it is still 30 below! Thanks for the touch of Spring!