Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ice chunks on the Des Moines River

To appease my sister-in-law who complains that I never include myself in the pictures, here is one of me pointing to the bridge that has since been built over the spot where the early Saints crossed the Des Moines River. We were lucky to be out on such a warm day as it has been down below zero for many weeks. The ice chunks that have been thrown from the River were so huge, I could hardly begin to imagine what icebergs must look like. I thought of the early Saints walking across the Mississippi on the ice with their wagons being pulled by oxen and then seeing the force here, it made me really appreciate what a miracle that was.
The river had just flooded a day before we came and the people were trying to get things back to normal. I wish I'd taken a picture of a balcony that was standing somewhat askew because the ice had hit the poles with such force that it had left it in quite a mess. The old phrase "Don't mess with Mother Nature" becomes very clear when you see the ice chunks on the Des Moines River.

This is the Des Moines River. The Saints crossed near here on their way west. It doesn't seem like much but the ice was about 8-10 inches thick and some of these chunks floating down river were 8 feet long, and 5 or 6 feet wide.

Notice how the ice chunks are just thrown up on the bank. Some of them are thrown by the force of the river 15 to 20 feet and there are some that were 15 feet across. While we were watching, one chunk caught on the other chunks and was thrown into the air, but of course, we didn't have our cameras poised to take the pictures, but it was amazing to watch.

This shot is taken through the water wheel at the Bonaparte Retreat Cafe. Notice the chunks of ice. They look quite small, but they are in reality about 3-5 feet chunks of ice. When we asked the hostess how they moved the ice, her response was, "God does it."


The Fendleys said...

I also love seeing the pictures with you in them, so thank you!! We can't wait to actually see you in person.
By the way, winter looks beautiful there. I'm sure it is not as fun actually being in it, but it sure does look pretty!!

Mr C said...

That's amazing! Now I'm a little nervous to travel back that way. Good thing we will be there more in the spring and summer. Hopefully it melts!

Jenn's Notes said...

now that is some ice. I wouldn't want to get trapped out in that river.