Thursday, December 3, 2009

Third Floor of the Cultural Hall

This is one of my favorite places in Nauvoo. On this very floor, the prophet, Joseph Smith, drew out the map of the Great Basin and the route west for Brigham Young. Levi Hancock then copied it onto paper and that was the map that Brigham Young took west with him in the migration of the Saints. Up top is where the Nauvoo Brass Band would have played when this was used as a ballroom. This was also used as the Masonic Hall of Nauvoo. There is such a special spirit in this room. I love going there even if it means climbing three flights of very steep stairs. This is also the room from which you can get the best shot of the Nauvoo Temple. I think of Joseph Smith drawing out that map and then looking at the temple knowing that he would not see its completion or the westward migration. I know he's a prophet!

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sallie789 said...

Great picture. Thanks!