Saturday, June 5, 2010

Julia Murdock Smith's grave in Nauvoo

We were on our way to get ice cream in Hamilton at the Dairy Queen(looking at me in the picture you can tell I really need it), when we stopped at the cemetery on the way out of town. Sister McCann, the one in the middle had found Julia's grave, and so went to see it.
I had wondered why she wasn't buried in the Smith family cemetery with all the others, and this gave the history of her life in a nutshell. What an amazing lady she was!!!

My friend,who makes me laugh--Sister McCann. She said that she claims the finder's fee. You can barely read the engravings on the grave, so the granite history was placed below it for people like me who can't read braille.


Bressler Bunch said...

I knew that Joseph Smith's family fell away from the church, but didn't know that his daughter joined the catholic church. Was that because of who she married?

Jenn's Notes said...

Do you get hot wearing the pioneer clothing? It looks like you are having an enjoyable mission. Love you Aunt Marcia.

Mr C said...

We just watched the movie "Emma"--again. It started with Emma in her final years talking with Julia about the trails they had been through. If you get a chance, it is a great movie to watch--over and over! Interesting to see her grave.