Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Nauvoo Pageant Returns

This is the entire Nauvoo Pageant Core Cast for 2010. Not only are they remarkable actors, but they are shining examples of true followers of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was so strong as they presented this first performance of the year of Our Story Goes On. As I sat on the "upper deck" at President Renouf's home, I smiled until my face hurt, knowing how much I love these people. There are a few new ones, but for the most part, I knew them, not just their names, but I know them, who they are and how they act and react in the face of adversity. I was so humbled to call them friends--even somewhat family--my pageant family. And I grasped for a few moments what heaven must feel like.
The lady with the microphone in front is Alex McKenzie. She is one of the directors of the pageant, but has played Leonora Taylor. She is from Jersey (not to be confused with New Jersey) in Great Britain. Behind her is Darrin, who is also from England. The lady in red is Chrisite, who will be playing Eliza R. Snow, so appropriate as she was recently called to serve as the Relief Society President in her ward. The other lady is Emily, who has some of the cutest kids you'd ever want to meet, and the man sitting on the grass is Jeff. He portrays Joseph Smith.

It looks like they are reading books, which is what it is supposed to look like. Our Story Goes On portrays the stories that each of our lives entail and how they mingle with the those of our family and friends.


REBYRYAN said...

And it begins!!! Yeah!!

Bressler Bunch said...

Looks like they are having a lot of fun. Do those two really come all the way from England just for the pageant?

Mr C said...

Wish we were there. It looks amazing. Now is this the little play they do in addition to the pageant? There is so much to do in Nauvoo. I can't wait to hear about Jason and Cheree's trip.

byumeaganlee said...

How I miss Nauvoo and the pageant! I literally flew right over you yesterday... the line of flight on the screen in front of me was seriously right between Keokuk and Ft. Madison. But I missed looking down because I didn't see it until 5 minutes later.