Saturday, July 3, 2010

Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

This is probably an odd picture of Carthage Jail. Most people take a shot of the window from which the prophet fell. This side of the jail is the debtor's prison, and the kitchen where they would have taken their meals while in the jail. The little window that is hardly noticeable is where the jail cell was in which John Taylor was placed and saved his life. Of course, you cannot see it, but in the afternoon, there is a reflection in this window from the visitor's center that makes it look like Hyrum is standing looking out the window.
This is one view of the crowd that attended the memorial service. There are people all around the other side of the jail, and people behind where I was sitting. In his remarks, President Petersen said, "I feel the Joseph and Hyrum would be pleased to know that we are remembering them this day."

Although this face will not mean anything to anyone but my family, the man standing in the center of the picture is Elder Lamar Taylor. He sang at my dad's funeral, but has been a friend of my brother's for years.

President Petersen from the Nauvoo Temple was the main speaker. Sorry that I had a backside view, but that's where I ended up sitting. The costumed people in front are the Young Performing Missionaries, so sang at the event. President Petersen challenged, "May we all be true to the testimony of Joseph and Hyrum".


Mr C said...

Looks like a very nice celebration. I loved going there. We rode a wagon and some horses in, down the martyrdom trail. It was quite an experience. Looks like a really large crowd turned out.
Also our 41st wedding anniversary!

Bressler Bunch said...

Lots of people there!