Friday, July 23, 2010

King Follett Discourse

This is Jeff Dickamore who protrays Joseph Smith in the Nauvoo Pageant. Jeff does such a remarkable job of being Joseph that some people forget he isn't the prophet. During the "cutting" from this funeral sermon that lasted over 2 hours and was preached to a very large crowd, Joseph Smith taught some of the most essential doctrines of salvation. One such doctrine was that mothers would have their children after this life. Knowing how many women had lost their young ones in Nauvoo, that had to be particularly comforting to them. Notice the ring on his finger. Jeff isn't married, so he has to borrow one to give the part of the sermon wherein he talks about life without beginning or end.
This is Joseph Goodmunson. He was with me as a young boy in the children's support group and now he's a 14 year old and has learned how to be a piper. He is a very gifted musician. Each show begins with a performance from the bagpipers. They do such an excellent job of setting the stage for the vignettes.

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Mr C said...

"Joseph" looks pretty convincing. And we loved the bag pipes at the beginning of each show. It was always one of our favorite things.