Friday, July 30, 2010

Jason, Cheree, Kelsie, Candace, Carter in Nauvoo

In front of the Nauvoo Temple. This is where the phrase eternal families really comes to light. These are my nieces and nephews forever because of the choices my parents made, the choices their parents made and because of the choices they made. It feels so good to know that we are an eternal family.
At David's Chamber, just as you enter Nauvoo. It's a great picnic spot where there's a lovely little waterfall. There is a bridge and a look-out there.

Kelsie, Candace and Carter at the Old Stone Bridge. In the movie, Emma, a really romantic scene is shot here. This is actually the drainage ditch out of Nauvoo to the Mississippi River. We decided to do a silly pose instead of the traditional one.

A description of Nauvoo which is located just at the outskirts of downtown as to come in to Nauvoo. It is along the Great River Road.

Although I didn't get the Quarry in, this is the temple quarry from which the limestone was extracted that built the original Nauvoo Temple. It is now full of water, but it would have been a lot of hard work to chistle the stones, drag them by oxen uphill about a mile away to the temple and then mold them into shape, and then lift them by pulley to their spot.

At the Old Nauvoo Cemetery--we're not sure where our relatives are buried, but his statue says so much as four of the five that were buried were children, the other was their mother.

At the Old Nauvoo Cemetery, showing the names of our relatives who died here in Nauvoo. There are four on the board, but actually there were 5. One wasn't recorded.

Candace and Kelsie signing the Seventies register. Carter was hiding under the table. We had a great grandfather, James Madison Chadwick, who was a seventy here.


Mr C said...

What a great looking family you have there!!! Looks like one we left behind! Looks like everyone had a good time. So glad you got to work your schedule so you could have time off while they were there.

Bad Dog said...

Thanks, Marcia. We had a wonderful time. Everyone learned a lot and felt a lot. I asked Carter if he'd rather take our next vacation to Disneyland or Nauvoo and he said, "Ummmmm. Here." Knowing our family's affection for Disneyland, you'll know that was no small assessment.

We were so glad and lucky to have you with us the whole time. It certainly wouldn't have been nearly as nice or as memorable without you. Cheree and I both agree that your presence with us was an enormous part of our experience there. Nauvoo is a very special and wonderful place. But part of what makes it so wonderful is what was done there to establish the gospel that links our family together. We love having you in our family.

Love you, Marcia!

Bressler Bunch said...

I was wondering when we were going to hear about their trip. Looks like a ton of fun and how neat that they could come when you are there.