Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Day of the Program

The sisters arriving on the wagon. To the right of the picture are President and Sister Ludwig, mission president and wife. If I did nothing else for this program, the wagon was a great hit. The sisters loved that opportunity and it made things seems more real.
This is the shawl Donna made for me. It is so perfect to the syle of the day. The dress is the one I had made for my birthday, but it got done just in time for this program and so I had it special for the Relief Society Program. The stove is in the upper room of the red brick store. The day cap is typical of what the women would have worn in the 1840s.


Mr C said...

Marcia--it is so weird to see you in that outfit. I'm just used to a Snoopy sweatshirt and jeans! I don't know if I could get used to you like that or not! Looks like a wonderful event though. You did great. The wagon ride was the PERFECT touch!

JoDell said...

Long dresses, shawls and day caps?!?!?!? YUCK!! No wonder the women all look so cranky in their photographs! Love you!