Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joseph Smith Homestead

This is the famous Red Brick Store. For a time the prophet had his office in this building. Many members of the twelve received their endowments here. The Twelve were given the keys of the Priesthood here. The Relief Society was organized here. Many individuals received help from the Prophet Joseph here in giving them food and other essentials, as well as giving them employment so they could feel good about receiving the assistance they did.
Standing on the banks of the Mississippi,I couldn't resist this sunset.

This is in the Smith Family Cemetery. It's a full cover granite headstone. Emma is buried on one side and Hyrum is on the other. Over closer to the river are the graves of Lucy Mack and Joseph Smith Sr. Samuel is buried here, but in an unmarked grave. This is probably pretty dumb, but whenever I go over here, I always walk out whistling, "Praise to the Man".

This is a reconstruction of the log cabin in which Joseph and Emma first lived when they moved to Nauvoo. It was one of the original ten cabins. Joseph added on to it with time, thus the white parts you see around the cabin. The home had two levels,not just a loft

Many individuals slept in this home when they first came to Nauvoo with Joseph and Emma sleeping on the ground outside their home.


Cindy Geilmann said...

Hi Marsha, I have lost 47 lbs. I feel great! I have another 100 lbs to go. I will be on Med-i-fast for a long time. The fastest could be by next December. The good thing about it is, I just keep feeling better and better.

We really do need to get back there and see the "homestead". We just came back from Farmington. Hannah was in a community play. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She was a Oompa Loompa. It as so cute.

Have a good week.


Mr C said...

Looks like you did a tour with that "other" church! Good job! Those were some of my favorite sites. I really loved the sunset. Makes me want to come straight there from here!