Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis

This is the east side of the temple. I couldn't get any further back, so it didn't get the full grandeur, but it is a very beautiful temple. We went on an excursion sponsored by our mission president and his wife. They even bought us all lunch. We are truly spoiled in this mission.
We took two of these vans to St. Louis. This was a really exciting ride. The springs in the back lifted the two sisters almost to the ceiling when we went over a bump. I had to laugh at us, some were too hot, some were too cold, some wanted air, some wanted the windows closed. Oh brother, I wondered if there would be any pleasing anyone.

Our arrival at the temple. There were 12 single sisters, and 3 couples that went with us. It was a full session. In fact, the sister from St Louis that I was sitting next to, commented that she had not seen such a full session. When we walked in and the brother behind the desk saw my Nauvoo Recommend, he commented, "Your temple is almost as beautiful as ours". I decided it wasn't worth starting an all out war, so I responded, "All temples have their own beauty." But in my head I thought, "If you want to talk spirit, there's no comparison".

This is the Illinois sunrise. It is 5:50 AM. We left Nauvoo at 5:00 AM for St Louis. Believe it or not, I actually got up and got there on time, and didn't eat anyone for breakfast.


Mr C said...

Great experience. Our stake patriarch and his wife served a mission there with the group that opened the temple. It is a beautiful temple. You should tell those sisters that got "bumped" in the back seat of the van that they should try that same ride on Mongolian roads. It's amazing the ceiling didn't break!

Mr C said...