Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Relief Society Program

This is still at the dress rehearsal. Elder Saville, serving as John Taylor, Elder Guymon, serving as Joseph Smith, Sister Guymon, serving as Emma, and Sister McMinn serving as Julie Beck. The shot just said volumes to me. Each leader has to step back and let the next take over, but offer her support and love.
This was one of the most touching scenes of the program. Sister Saville, who was portraying Elizabeth Ann Whitney, was thanking Emma for her service when they were suffering from malaria. She had just given birth to her ninth child and could hardly crawl, but Joseph and Emma gave up their home so Emma could care for Elizabeth. No longer were they missionaries playing the parts. It was as if Elizabeth and Emma were there in the room.

Sister Black rewrote Ye Elders of Israel to Bless the World with Love. She got permission to make the change for this program only from Salt Lake. Emma Smith (Sister Guymon in red by herself) is inviting the sisters of the first Relief Society to join in the service of the Lord. The sisters respond back, "We'll go to the poor as our Savior has told, and visit the weary, the hungry and cold. We'll cheer up their hearts with the news that He bore and bring them to Zion and life every more." Shades of my first mission have rolled over into this one.

This is at our dress rehearsal in the upper room of the Red Brick Store. This gives some idea of the production end of things. People are trying to figure out where to sit, and how to make the last minute changes that are being made. The blond lady in blue is Sister Black, the one with the scarf is Sister Williams, who played Eliza R. Snow. The other two sisters are Sister Hurley and Drebot. Both of them expressed such genuine gratitude for being a part. Sometimes you don't realize how something so simple can be so meaningful to people.

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