Thursday, February 4, 2010

Farewell to our beloved temple

I can only imagine what the saints would have felt as they turned to look back at their beloved temple--one for which they had sacrificed so dearly to build, and now they had to leave it behind. But they knew that they had been endowed with Power from on High, so they were determined to make that journey knowing that they had received the necessary ordinances to enter the Celestial Kingdom. Many of the couples were sealed eternally in that early temple, so their children born along the trail belonged to them under the new and everlasting covenant. It wasn't until much later that children who were not born under the convenant were sealed to their parents. I still look up that beautiful temple and marvel that it's there. I get to attend a session in it tonight. WOW! Am I blessed!!!

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Mr C said...

That has to be the most touching picture. Even in the summer, we thought of them turning and looking back on their beautiful temple. What a blessing the rebuilding of that temple has been. It stands as such a reminder of so many things. But especially on this day. We sure miss not being able to attend a temple here.