Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scovil Bakery

This is where I spend three days of the week mostly. It's the busiest place in Nauvoo, except for the public restrooms just up the street. People stop by to get a cookie. Lucius and his wife, Lury Snow (cousin to Lorenzo and Eliza R), joined the church in Kirtland Ohio, with the prophet Joseph Smith being the one who baptized them. They traveled with the Saints to Far West, to Quincy, to Nauvoo, and then he traveled on with the Saints to the Great Salt Lake. She, and three of their children are buried here in the cemetery at the top of Parley Street.
The plate at the top is his legacy to all of us. This is an original of the 150 dozen that he commissioned to be made while serving on a mission to Great Britain. We only know of about 20 in existence now, but there are some replicas available.
The thing that I love most about Lucius and Lury is that they followed the prophet in all his callings to them, and they helped others to follow, as well. They were remarkable people.

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Mr C said...

All good cookie bakers follow the prophet! By the way, why is it that you know which place is actually the busiest???