Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lands and Records

These are the files that need updated. I have had the opportunity to update about 10 files so far. Some of them are my own family. It's been tough finding information on some of them. I have concluded that I need to be more diligent in the work of Elijah. My heart hurts when I can't find anything, especially birth, death, marriage, or information that would allow the temple work to be completed for these dear people. I have come to love them, even those who aren't family members. They have become a part of me.
Membership records 1839-1846 of Nauvoo. These were compiled by Susan Easton Black.

To the left is the Miller File, which records things like people who worked on the temple, people who paid tithing, or other donations to the work of the Lord. It also has hand done geneology records, some of which are just on notebook paper. This is a room about the size of my bedroom at home and it's full of information about people who lived here.

These filing cabinets are full of records that have been scanned into the computer, and a person coming to Nauvoo can ask for a cd of the information contained herein concerning their family members. On top are records of those buried in the Nauvoo Cemetery, membership records of those who joined the RLDS faith (now Community of Christ), and indexes to books in the back room where many stories are found.

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