Thursday, February 4, 2010

Joseph and Brigham

At the end of Parley Street facing west, stands Joseph and Brigham. Joseph was giving Brigham as much instruction as he could. I placed a picture earlier of the map Joseph drew on the floor of the cultural hall, which Levi Hancock copied. In Brigham's hand is a representation of that map. I met a man once at Winter Quarters who had made the 1997 re-enactment trek. I asked him why the pioneers would have done that. (He was not a member of our faith). His response was, "They were persecuted." I asked him about all that followed later, and then I told him, "They came because they were called by a prophet of God."

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Mr C said...

One of our favorite statues. We often see statues of Joseph and Hyrum, but Brigham Young was a dear and faithful friend to the prophet.