Monday, January 4, 2010

From Far West to Nauvoo

The printing press that was here in Navuoo was brought here from Far West. The Saints hid it under hay in one of the member's yards. After they got here, some of the brethren went back and got it and the presses were rolling again. The Book of Mormon was put onto sterotypes (I always wondered where that word came from) and about 2000 copies were printed here. This was thanks to the miraculous work of Ebeneezer Robinson. He went totally on faith and $105 in his pocket to Ohio, where he comissioned plates to be built. He also got some of the printing done. It was about a $1000 job, but he trusted in the Lord and got the job done. Isn't that what we need to do?

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Mr C said...

I can't believe they could hide that under hay. It looks pretty big. Also, we have found a LOT of sayings came from the printing business. Mind your P's and Q's is one that comes to mind.