Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wilford's Reading Glasses and Bible

We are not allowed to touch these things, but it is enough to stand there and look at the very scriptures that were studied by a prophet of God and one of the most successful missionaries in the history of the Church. I don't think you will be able to see it in the next picture, but his hymn book is on the mantle of the fireplace--one of eight he built into the home. When he returned from England, he swore he'd never be that cold again, so he made sure his home was one of warmth. I'm thinking it was more than fire place warmth, but it was also warmed by the power of the Spirit that dwelled in that home.


Mr C said...

Who gets to dust the artifacts? I'm sure they keep them clean. I kind of thought whoever worked there for the day, but I guess it would take a lot of training to do it "right".

Marcia said...

We are the cleaner of the artifacts. Conservation (other missionaries serving here) comes in and tells us what to do and where to put things. YOu've heard of the white glove test? Well, we put on our white gloves and we clean them. It's amazing what I've learned to do since I've been here. But I haven't cleaned this house yet.