Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Parlor at Kimball's house

When Heber and Vilate arrived in Nauvoo, they were penniless. They did the best with what they had. They lived in this lovely brick home for about 5 months before they had to leave it, and then lived in tents and covered wagons and log cabins for another 6 years before they got into their nice home in Salt Lake City. The clock and andiron belonged to the Kimballs while they lived in Salt Lake. The Kimball family brought it back to Nauvoo when Dr. LeRoy Kimball, great grandson to them came back and established Nauvoo Restoration, Inc. Just a note of interest, President Spencer W. Kimball was 5 years older than Dr. Kimball, but he was a grandson and Dr. Kimball was a great grandson.

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Mr C said...

I love those chairs. They took so much time to make their homes beautiful. Too bad they had to leave them so soon.