Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heber C. Kimball

I have thought a lot about this man. He was such a loyal and faithful friend to the prophet, Joseph Smith, but also a loyal and faithful friend to Brigham Young. One of my favorite missionary stories is how he is deathly ill, laying in a wagon bed as he and Brigham take off for their mission to England. His family is ill except for a four year old son. Mary Ann Young and her family are there, too. Heber says, "I will comfort my wife." He and Brigham stand in the wagon and cheer, "Hoorah for Israel! Hoorah for Israel! Hoorah for Israel!" The women scramble to the door and wave, "God bless you!" Such is the faith of these early Saints.

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Mr C said...

This is one of our favorite stories. They Hoorah for Israel as the theme on our trek 4 years ago.