Thursday, January 14, 2010

Phebe Woodruff

Said Wiford of Phebe, "Phebe posesses too much firmness and faith in God and confidence in God to put her hand to the plough and lok back or to wholly give way to such trials. She is determined, like Ruth, to forsake her kindred and country for Christ's sake and my own, and the cause in which she is engaged. As I behold this principle beaming in her daily walk, heart and countenance, it binds my whole soul to her stronger than death or the bars of a castle." He wrote this just before they moved west after only living in their beautiful red brick home for 100 days as they had been serving on missions and doing the work of the Lord.

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Mr C said...

I'm missing my home and I got to live in it for 30 years before "moving west". We had a mission conference on sacrifice and consecration. This should have been part of it.